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I create and collect a wide variety of astronomy, astronaut and solar system with some alien humor thrown in for good measure. I hope you enjoy browsing. Click here my site map.
Snowball Found in Space
My pet albino rat stars in this photo (no photoshop). I adore him.

Beauty of the Milky Way

Photo by Steve Kocsis. Click here to learn more about me.

Space Flower 2
 © Olga Rybkina |
Into Spaceship
© Dedekk |
I'm not famous yet, but my mother is a star.
My photo at Sydney Observatory.
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Orbiting Hearts

© Putnik |

Space Stamps
© Matthew Andrews |
© Yuran |

Children's Dreams

© 1507kot |

My Humor e-books

Scroll Cutaway
© Niagaragirl |
Vector Signs of Zodiac
© Nem4a |

I have published two colorful e-books.

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More Galactic Giggles


Alaskan License Plate. Photo by Cristina.

Sign in Juneau, Alaska. Photo by Cristina

Celestial Buddies
They have a fun website and blog. See their toys on my sun, moon, mars and earth pages. Used with permission.
The Space Bar Riddle Bookmark
by Flickr ID: enokson
Creative Commons License
Amazement Astronaut
© Jumpingsack -

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