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Lunar Studio

Convergence (2037 reference)

In a Bottle (Star Trek reference)

Go For Launch

The Sun Inspires Many Artists

 Spanish Village, Balboa Park, San Diego

2011 Fly Me to the Moon Exhibition


Remy was born in 1983 in Paris but this pop art exhibition was created in Los Angeles.
There is fun music and images on this site.


Space Art Websites

Spacearts -  online database providing information about the arts related to outer space:

Great Astronomical Artists and Their Out of This World Creations

Astronomical, space and Science Fiction art can be found at

Cosmic Poster Contest

There was a contest on the Big Island of Hawaii. The theme was 'The Universe - Yours to Discover'. Click here to for winning entries.

To celebrate the International Year of Astronomy (2009), an art contest for K-6th grade students was held in New York State. Click here to see the winning entries.

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